May 21, 2012

One-Bowl Pound Cake

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably been keeping tabs on the Royal Family. You've probably heard about Prince Harry's Nazi Halloween costume and his redemption via his military career (because men in uniform are totally dreamy... unless it's a gestapo uniform). Or, more recently, Prince William's fairy tale wedding to mayhap the most gorgeous woman on earth, Kate Middleton. This year, the Royal Family has got more reasons to celebrate as 2012 is also Queen Elizabeth's diamond jubilee.

I was asked by Appliances Online to create a recipe I would serve to the queen. I wanted to do tea party fare, as I've always -- quite unimaginatively -- associated England with tea parties. Marie Antoinette with her infamous "let them eat cake" line (which she never actually said, by the way) is also something that pops into my mind when it comes to royalty. It's only logical that pound cake should follow since the pound is also England's currency! Or at least, logical to a person with a thought process as convoluted as mine.

Pound cake recipes are generally simple. The oldest recipes require a pound each of four ingredients: flour, sugar, eggs and butter. These days, bakers tailor proportions to personal taste.

Recipe after the jump!
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