December 22, 2011

Chocolate Kiss Cookies

In the span of four days, I baked six dozen of these babies and managed to ruin -- no, annihilate -- at least two people's diets. Presenting:

This recipe is based on Yummy magazine's Surprise Chocolate Kiss Cookies. The original was amazing. Think: the crumbly, nutty goodness of a tea cookie with a warm and gooey chocolate center that rolls and dances around your tongue and yes, tastes and feels just like a kiss. My heart swells and my teeth ache just thinking about it. I followed the original recipe (you can find it here) but, for my second try, I substituted cashew nuts for walnuts and baking margarine for butter. It tastes almost if not just as good and slashed about a hundred pesos off the production cost. The difference is in the texture; these cookies offer more of a bite compared to the almost airy texture of the original recipe. That, or maybe I didn't chop up the nuts as finely as I should have. :-S Although the cookies may be eaten as is, I recommend nuking them for a few seconds to melt the chocolate.

This is the first in my lineup of baked goods (French macarons! Rootbeer mini bundt cakes! Heart shaped scones!) to sell for a business I'm planning to start during the second quarter of 2012. Right now, I'm still working out the kinks like sourcing the packaging, doing test runs to ensure consistency and figuring out the boring nitty gritties of running a business. And of course, the hardest part: trying to muster the discipline not to gobble up everything I bake the minute it comes out of the oven!